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PostSubject: MethMonkey   MethMonkey EmptyMay 21st 2010, 6:36 pm

[*]In-game name:

h2cool [ Not on Xfire alot but i can be if needed. ]

[*]Your S/D in-game:
around .938?

What other FPS games have you played:
Mw2 A.V.A CSS CF SF, All Cod's, all Bf games, all CS games, Karma. Etc.

[*]Have you read and agree to the Rules and Regulations:

Anything else you would like to say:

[*]How active you plan on being:
Ehh. 2-3 hours a Day. mainly at night. Some days i might not be able to . But normally im on 2-3 Hours a day Gaming.
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