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PostSubject: test   test EmptyOctober 28th 2010, 5:09 pm

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VantagePoint (vP) is a newly formed competitive team looking for quality members. We are working towards being a medium sized scrim team and we expect our members to be ready to leave public games for scrims if necessary. VantagePoint will be participating in any future leagues and tournaments, so we are working to put together an elite tourney team.
We have a Ventrilo server courtesy of one of our members. A custom designed website will soon be under development.
We take cheating very seriously. Under no circumstance will any type of cheat be permitted.

Firstly and most importantly, you must be completely cheat free.
16+ years old, though exceptions can be made if maturity is shown.
Play smart, treat scrims and tournaments seriously.
Must speak fluent English without hesitations.
Ventrilo and a functioning microphone are required for any sort of competitive play.
Must be active, and inform administration if there will be a period of time where you cannot play.
We have no requirement on S/D, but high S/D is always preferred.
We expect commitment. This will be a long term team, we want to create a team and stick with it. Ringing will not be permitted on the same account that is in the clan.
A good attitude towards the rest of the team, as well as the AVA community as a whole.
Take in constructive criticism and put it to good use. Do not take it the wrong way.
We are accepting players outside of North America as long as the connection speed doesn’t interfere with gameplay.

Gameplay Requirements:
1. Thorough knowledge of game mechanics, map layouts and weaponry/modification.
2. Learn and memorize call-out locations and make call-outs a habit.
3. Ability to manoeuvre with the team during strats.
4. Focus on the mission at hand, without straying off for kills.
5. Have the ability to adapt to situations that are not rehearsed.

We encourage any players who believe they meet our requirements to request a tryout.

Application: (Mandatory fields are denoted by an asterisk [*])

In Game Name*:
Location and time-zone*:
Average play time per day*:
Some form of contact (ie. Xfire, Steam) *:

PM to get Lockerz! Easy way to get free stuff!
test Ampdammo

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PostSubject: Re: test   test EmptyOctober 29th 2010, 6:37 am

Good luck with that, I'd rejoin AVA if I could, but my PC can't handle it.
I'm planning on buying a powerful laptop soon though, so I'll keep this in mind once I do.
Also, I was wondering, do you have a PS3?
If so, add me - AmpdAmmo

test 27wx5jp
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