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 Guide To Binoculars

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PostSubject: Guide To Binoculars   Guide To Binoculars EmptyOctober 12th 2009, 4:24 pm

Guide to Binoculars

The purpose of this guide is to educate all members so we can use this awesome item to it's full extent.

Purpose of the Binoculars:

When used to it's full extent, the binoculars will provide the whole team with information about the enemy team, as well as a quick way to give instructions and earn Scores.


At the beginning of each game, the binoculars are given to the highest ranking player. They are now called the "Commander". To find out which player is a commander, simply press "TAB" and look for a gray-white insignia beside the names of players. There should be one per team. If there is no insignia beside any names on a team, it means that the person assigned as Commander dropped the binoculars and no one has picked them up.

Binoculars are put into the "5" slot, the same place the bomb in Demolition mode would go. If the commander also has the bomb, the binoculars will be selected first if "5" is pressed, and the bomb would appear second. If you do not wish to be the commander, simply take out your binoculars and click "G". This will drop the binoculars, allowing other players to pick them up and become commander. When the binoculars are dropped, they are marked by a purple arrow, similar to the orange arrow that marks a dropped bomb. To pick up dropped binoculars, simply run over them, just like you would with a bomb.

When taken out, press the right button on your mouse to look into them. Various information as well as a rectangular reticle appears. At the top, there is a direction indicator, making it easy to explain the general direction of the enemy forces. In the center is the rectangular reticle, which flashes red when you have locked onto a target. Right underneath is a measurement of distance in meters of how far your target (where ever you are aiming) is.

When you aim at something and left click, you will send a radio message to your team. When you aim and left click with any enemy in the reticle, you will leave a red shape around the target, allowing everyone on your team to see it. You can target as many enemy players as you want, but the shape only lasts around 10 seconds. When you aim over a teammate, a gray shape appears.

There are three kinds of shapes that appear, each signifying one of the three classes.

They are as follows:

Rifleman: Rectangle
Sniper: Diamond

These apply to both teammates and enemies.

When you mark an enemy and your teammate gets the kill, you get a "Leader Score", which also goes towards your S/D. Using binoculars is an easy way to get scores without putting yourself in harm's way. Not only that, but you are giving your teammates an advantage, so they are also less likely to die.

That's just about it, I hope you all use this guide to your advantage.

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Guide To Binoculars Ampdammo
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Guide To Binoculars Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guide To Binoculars   Guide To Binoculars EmptyOctober 12th 2009, 7:17 pm

Yes, binocs help a lot. What sucks is that some people dont even know they're commander lol, and therefore the binocs go to waste >.>
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PostSubject: Re: Guide To Binoculars   Guide To Binoculars EmptyOctober 13th 2009, 11:27 pm

wow this can be used really well to a teams advantage im glad i read this good job man
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PostSubject: Re: Guide To Binoculars   Guide To Binoculars Empty

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Guide To Binoculars
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