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 Guide to Game Modes

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PostSubject: Guide to Game Modes   October 12th 2009, 7:12 pm

Guide to Game Modes

The purpose of this guide is to provide a detailed description of each game mode in AVA.


Game Modes in AVA are very similar to other games, but each mode has unique characteristics that set it apart from other games. Many of the game modes are much more complex than other games.


"Annihilation" is the shortest lasting and simplest mode. It is a variation of "Team Deathmatch" or "Elimination".

The goal of this mode is to help your team accumulate a set amount of kills, while trying to survive so that the other team does not reach the set amount of kills first. Pointmen and Riflemen will excel in this mode, mainly because the maps are smaller and close range combat is very frequent.

There are three ways to accumulate scores in this mode. Killing an enemy, scouting with binoculars, or collecting dog tags. Dog tags are dropped by each teammate or enemy when they are killed. Simply run over them to collect them. They look like little books/journals. How many dog tags you have is shown at the top near the team's scores. When you collect three of these, you get a "Tactics Score" and the counter resets. If you die before getting three, they will be cleared. If you are fast enough, you may even collect the dog tag from your own dead body.


"Demolition" is the most challenging of the modes. It will most likely be used in a large majority of clan battles and tournaments. Other names for this mode are "Search And Destroy" or simply "Bomb Mode".

There are two options of goals for this mode, and the goal of this mode is different for each side. The NRF forces are required to pick up the bomb, proceed to one of the two bomb sites, plant the bomb, and protect it until it detonates. The EU forces, simply protect the bomb sites, and defuse the bomb if it does get planted. If all opponents of the other team are killed, then the opposite team wins the round. You DO NOT have to plant the bomb to win. Half way through the game, the teams are swapped. Each win gives a point the the winning team, and when that team accumulates enough points, they win the game. The amount of wins necessary varies. All classes have an important part in this mode. There are close, mid, and long range areas where a mix of classes on a team would excel.

There are four ways to accumulate points in this mode. Killing enemies, using binoculars, detonating the bomb, and defusing the bomb. If you or your teammate plants the bomb, and successfully detonates it, you and your team will gain an "Offense Score". If the EU forces defuse however, they will gain a "Defense Score".


"Escort" is a very unique mode that requires co-operation between your team. It is also the easiest way to acquire a large S/D, mainly because killing others is not the main goal of the game, and there are many ways to gain scores.

The maps of escort are usually long roads/streets with a couple turns. There are two goals for this mode, one for each team. The EU forces have to protect their tank, and slowly bring it towards the NRF forces' spawn. The NRF forces however, must try to destroy the tank and keep the EU forces from repairing it. If the time runs out and the EU forces have not made it across the map, the NRF forces win. If the EU forces DO get the tank to the other side, they win the game. After the first set of EU forces have their chance to move their tank, the teams are swapped. If the EU forces managed to get their tank across, the EU forces AFTER the team swap will then have a decreased time limit, equivalent to the time that the first EU team took. To win, they have to beat the time. If the second EU forces beat the time it took the first EU forces, then they win the game.

There are five ways to get scores in "Escort". Killing enemies, using binoculars, damaging the tank, repairing the tank, and making progress with the tank. NRF forces may open crates (press and hold E) and use RPG's to damage the tank. Each successful shot give a "Defense Score". It takes two successful shots to immobilize a tank. To repair a broken tank, crouch behind it and hold E. Two people may repair at a time, greatly reducing the time it takes. After repairing, the people repairing gain a "Offense Score". If the EU forces make it half way across the map, each member of the team receives a bonus of 3 points, and if they make it to the end, they each recieve four points. Snipers are usually the most important class in this mode. Whether it's to pick off people trying to repair the tank, or killing the RPG carriers before they fire, snipers have the advantage. Of course there are close-mid range situations, but most of it is long range.

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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Game Modes   October 12th 2009, 7:14 pm

Great guide Very Happy THough im wondering if there are going to be anymore gamemodes?
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Game Modes   October 12th 2009, 7:23 pm

Of course. The ones i can name from my experiences in jAVA:

Suppression (PvC)
Prison Break (PvC)
Convoy (Find some package and escape back to your spawn, a little like Escort)
And Free For All (One Man Army)

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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Game Modes   October 13th 2009, 11:24 pm

really well done RazzVery Happy i think we should be fine on escort turny since we have people that love sniping such as myself:P
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Game Modes   

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Guide to Game Modes
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