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 Guys...I need help

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Guys...I need help Empty
PostSubject: Guys...I need help   Guys...I need help EmptyOctober 16th 2009, 8:28 pm

Hey guys, I know it's a REALLY bad idea to ask for help here, but my dad just called and he said he's in trouble, he lived in a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with my sister, my grandmother, and himeself

He works as a computer hardware egineer, he makes about 6,000 a month, and with the morgage payments being 4,000 a month that leaves him 2,000 to cover the bills+food, my mom died a year ago, but the bank screwed up and forgot to offer my dad and mom life insurance, which would've covered the morgage and then some, but that didn't happen

Anyways there are two other reasons why my dad is in a tight spot, the morgage payments are based on both my mom and dad's monthly salary, but with my mom out of the picture, my dad has to fill the gap with money he just doesn't have, and he's just way to stubborn and proud to go the bank and sort things out, but if things continue hes going to end up with an empty bank account, no savings, and he would lose a house he invested 300,000 dollars in.

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Guys...I need help Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guys...I need help   Guys...I need help EmptyOctober 16th 2009, 11:28 pm

I'm not good with mortgages and all that, so all i could suggest is to explain anything that he may not know and encourage him to get things sorted out.

Sorry i couldn't give more advice, hope it works out!

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Guys...I need help Ampdammo
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Guys...I need help
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